Ming Men – An Acupressure Point With Powerful Effect on Your Health

Avoid the northern part of your home, black, gray and other dark colors. Avoid cold drinks and food, and drink warm water combined with some lemon juice or turmeric to stimulate your gastric fire.

Gastric acid physically digests food, is actually hydrochloric acid (HCl), and if there is enough of it, this acid can easily destroy all pathogenic microorganisms from the food you consume. Increased food intake decreases the ability of gastric acid to process the food, and in cases of overeating, some of the bacteria remain untouched.

As you can see, it is much healthier to eat several smaller meals throughout the whole day, than eating large amounts of food at once. Poor gastric acid leads to unimpeded multiplication of bacteria, diarrhea, heartburn, gastritis, obesity and increased blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

Gastric acid may be reduced due to stress, unhealthy foods and drinks, alcohol, tobacco, antibiotics, and medications (antacids) prescribed for people suffering from “stomach acid,” which actually block stomach acid and thus eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of this disorder.

But, they can also permanently destabilize the organism. You may not be aware of the importance of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and the stimulation of its production when it is reduced. You can use magnesium chloride, it is cheap and available in the pharmacies.

Magnesium chloride stimulates and accelerates digestion, gastric emptying, and elimination of toxins. Use magnesium chloride and carry out the detoxification through the skin, bathing in this solution. Fight infections by consuming spices like chili, garlic, cloves, ginger, horseradish, etc.

It is important to constantly detox your body and remove the toxins that you enter daily. Remember, medications are also toxic, same as our thoughts. And not just your thoughts -- you can absorb toxic information through vision and hearing, too.

Physical activity and fresh air are the best ways to revive the fire of life. The element  of air sustains and enhances the element of air. The fact is that fire cannot burn without oxygen and goes out when the flow of oxygen stops. It is the same with our life.

Breathing is an elementary function that keeps us alive, by transferring oxygen from the air to the cells. Healthy cells only survive in the presence of oxygen, but cancer cells can survive without oxygen, turning to anaerobic respiration system, which makes them suitable for the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

Physical activity also encourages the elimination of toxins, especially through the sweat, because the skin is the largest organ through which we absorb oxygen and eliminate toxins.

Staying inactive and sitting accumulate toxins in the body and make you feel depressed, lifeless, tired, and you wake up more tired than you were before you go to bed, you never get enough sleep, and this is a sign that you are poisoned, your fire of life is poor and that you should do something to revive it and feel better.