Ming Men – An Acupressure Point With Powerful Effect on Your Health

We are warm blooded beings and the presence of warmth in us indicates the presence of life. The physical body itself belongs to the element of earth and its quality is dry and cold (yin), while life energy belongs to the element of fire (yang). Have you ever wondered where is the spark of life in us?

Traditional Chinese medicine says that kidneys are the center of life energy (Qi). They are the base of Yin and Yang, to be more precise the kidneys are Yin, and in between lies Ming Men or “The Gate of Life,” also called the “ministerial flame,” which is by nature Yang. Life ends when the ministerial fire goes out.


Kidneys are the root of prenatal life (Ying) and the genetic link flows through them. There you can find information about our ancestors and our constitution, vitality, growth, sexual maturity, fertility, etc. Hereditary essence is created at the moment of conception, when parents’ essences merge.

The way in which our ministerial flame burns determines the level and quality of our life energy. Kidneys are the root of prenatal life; the stomach and spleen are the root of postnatal life.

Our health and vitality depend on the function of the gastric fire in our stomach. Stomach, or the third chakra, in general, is called a furnace or boiler that heats the body.

Strong fire of life provides good digestion, and weak fire is followed by slow digestion, food is not broken down properly, your blood lacks important materia and it is weak, you struggle with bloating, diarrhea and other symptoms suggestive of this disorder.

In such cases the negative effect is additionally increased by the consumption of cold and frozen foods and drinks, eating too fast and swallowing unchewed food, in a hurry, nervously, while you stand, read the newspapers, watch TV or you are at work. You may eat the healthiest food, but if you eat it under stress, depression or fear, you will practically get no benefits.

The question is, why do we eat most when we are depressed? Depression and feeling cold are in a cause-effect relationship.

Depression indicates loss of life fire, and the need for food is an automatic reaction of a depressive and chilled organism that needs life energy. On the other hand, kidneys are extremely sensitive to fear and cold.

Chinese metaphysics says that kidneys belong to the element of water, North, winter, black or dark blue color. When we are feared or in danger, adrenal gland excretes stress hormones and starts the “fight or flight” mechanism, followed by a constriction of the blood vessels and difficulty in the energy flow.

The constant tension, anxiety and stress lead to extreme activity of the element of water, which in the cycle of elements drowns and controls the element of fire, resulting in a drop of life energy, joy and enthusiasm.

In combination with the imbalance of the element of water, this “consumes” and draws the energy of the kidneys and results in the following disorders:

  • hair loss or oily hair, poor hair quality, prematurely gray hair
  • problems with bladder or reproductive system
  • cold feet and aversion to cold
  • loss of sex drive
  • unbalanced sex life, which implies excessive sexual activity or long-term abstinence; any exposure to extremes affects the balance
  • frequent or uncontrolled urination
  • problems with hearing and ears
  • lack of will and mobility, fear and insecurity, constantly “raised” walls and defense mechanisms, concern and lack of relaxation in life.

When the element of water is unbalanced and emphasized, it emphasizes the principle of “cold” (winter, darkness, stagnation, shortness of day and light), which tends to freeze financial and other energy levels, because fear and insecurity reduce the possibility of giving and the establishment of energy flows.

Since the main function of the kidneys is to purify the blood, it is clear that they cannot do their job properly until you do not stop blocking your own body.

To bring the element of water into balance you should apply the principle of “warm,” starting with the adoption of positive mental habits and optimistic attitude towards life, then the principle of nutrition by introducing foods that heat our bodies, for example spices like pepper, ginger, cinnamon, etc.

Massage the lower back (the area around the kidney) and keep it warm -- now you probably see why your mother insisted that you wear undershirts and cover your back.

You can also choose warm colors for your clothes and interior design, such as red, orange, yellow, with special emphasis on natural materials with warming effect, like natural wool.

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