Mindfulness And Meditation To Become Part Of The Curriculum In 370 Schools In England

Children in 370 English schools will get the chance to learn more about meditation, muscle relaxation and breathing exercises for mindfulness. The program is developed under a mental health study that will be brought to an end in 2021. The study is conducted by the British government.

Meditation and mindfulness help kids deal with new emotions

Does your kid scream and kick when angry or sad? It’s because it doesn’t know what to do. Kids have hard time coping with new emotions, and screaming is their only way to express themselves.

Tantrums usually occur when kids deal with a new emotion. English schools are focused on this issue, and kids these days learn about mindfulness and meditation. That’s one of the ways to improve their mental health.

Secondary students will learn about awareness and how to work on their awareness.

The number of kids with signs of depression and anxiety is on the rise. The National Health Service explains that one in eight British children deals with mental disorders. One in five British kids gets proper treatment.

In 2012, a Baltimore-based school replaced detention with breathing techniques. So, instead of detention, kids practice breathing and do stretches.

This is probably one of the most efficient ways to keep kids calm and improve their focus.

Early prevention is important. Depression can turn into a serious problem, and there’s nothing worse than a depressed child. Anxious kids are unable to do their daily tasks, and their focus is affected by numerous factors. This program will hopefully provide great results, and even encourage other countries to try it.