Millionaire Spent His Fortune Turning Slaughterhouse Into Safe Haven For Dogs

One Chinese millionaire decided to use his wealth to save the lives of thousands of dogs.

Wang Yan became very rich by running a steel business in the city of Changchun but even that much money couldn’t make up for the pain he felt because he lost his loving dog, who suddenly disappeared years ago.

After looking for his beloved pet for many, many days, someone told him to check the slaughterhouse as a last resort…

Since there are many strays in the streets, it is known that they are being captured, slaughtered and their meat is sold on the market.

Unfortunately, Wang never saw his dog again but the sight that he saw at the slaughterhouse changed him once for all.

He knew that some kind of action had to be done so he made a decision to buy the slaughterhouse and turned it into a dog sanctuary.

According to reports, Wang has spent a big amount of his money on the project. The slaughterhouse cost $400,000, and he finances the shelter personally … even if it means going into debt.

“I don’t accept monetary donations, I only hope that kind-hearted people will be able to donate a few supplies to help,” he told Metro.

And his amazingly kind act has seen wonderful results… Since 2015, he has taken in 2000 dogs from the city and helped 200 of them to find new homes and families that will adopt them.

Isn’t Wang’s act of compassion truly inspiring?