Mike Tyson Is Opening A Luxurious 300-Acre Cannabis Resort

Cannabis is probably the only substance with unique power to treat anxiety, reduce stress, relieve pain, and relieve numerous symptoms. Let’s not forget that it can’t kill you.

Cannabis has great medicinal properties, and former professional boxer Mike Tyson is building a 400-acre resort to honor the plant.

According to CQ, the Tyson Ranch will compliment the boxer’s cannabis company Tyson Holistic Holdings. It was founded in 2016 and offers cannabis strains, edibles and merchandise. You won’t be able to buy cannabis products at the spot, but you will be able to smoke some on the Californian plot.

The Tyson Ranch will also organize a festival venue, the world’s longest lazy river (one-hour floating) and a nice hotel. Sources confirm that the construction of the hotel has already started.

Is the luxury cannabis resort enough? Of course not. Tyson plans to start off Tyson University to teach visitors how to grow their own cannabis. The former boxer hopes that visitors will leave his resort with enough confidence and skills to cultivate the herb. The ranch will turn into a major “research spot,” and Tyson will be even more involved in the process.

Metro reported that the process started near Desert Hot Springs in 2017. In an interview with Cannabis Tech Today, the boxer shared some details of his ranch. He decided to help others with cannabis, and his vision turned into reality.

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Tyson also hosts the podcast Hotboxin. He went on Good Morning Britain and gave Piers Morgan a cannabis-themed goody bag from his place.

Morgan discussed the topic in his column, explaining that he had never seen a happier and calmer Mike Tyson. Morgan even noted cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes. That’s his opinion.


Cannabis has shown a great effect in the treatment of numerous health conditions, including cancer. Although it isn’t legal in most states, cancer patients swear in its potential to relieve their symptoms.

Health-conscious individuals say cannabis has helped them treat their existing condition, and experts need to conduct more research to determine the power of this plant.