Michigan Couple Finally Welcomes A Baby Girl After Having 14 Boys

After fourteen sons, a Michigan couple finally welcomed their baby girl, Maggie Jayne!

Every member of the family is equally important, and the birth of each baby is a reason to celebrate. However, we believe one Michigan family had a reason more to show their delight at the arrival of a healthy new bundle of joy -- as she is the only girl in the family after nearly three decades and fourteen sons!

The adorable Maggie Jayne was born at 7 pounds, 8 ounces and was named after both parents, Maggie represents Margaret – her mother’s middle name, and Jayne is a variation of her father’s name.

The love story of the couple started back in college, when they were freshmen at Gaylord High School and Gaylord St. Mary’s. In 1993, they officially became a family, and their first three sons were born before they graduated college.

The excited dad said:

“We are overjoyed and beyond excited to add Maggie Jayne to our family. This year has been memorable in so many ways, for so many reasons, but Maggie is the greatest gift we could ever imagine.”

None of them expected the newborn to be a girl, after having 14 boys before. The brothers of the baby, Tyler, Zach, Drew, Brandon, Tommy, Vinny, Calvan, Gabe, Wesley, Charlie, Luke, Tucker, Francisco, and Finley were equally thrilled to meet their female sibling.

Over the years, whenever a new sibling was born, the family was making headlines, and the stories were mainly focused on the baby’s gender.

Well, now it’s high time for them to change the name of their own live-streaming TV show called “14 Outdoorsmen”!

The oldest of them, Tyler, 28, is engaged and lives in his own home. He admitted that the entire thing must have caught the family by surprise:

“I don’t even know if my mom owns any pink clothing — or anything.”

He even joked that his brothers will need much time to adjust to having a girl in the house- especially remembering to put the toilet seat down!

The father of the fifteen children previously explained that they never choose to know the gender of the baby before it is born, adding that his sons enjoy it.

Yet, he is now certain:

“I have said, steadfastly, that we are done having children. But I have been reminded that I said the exact same thing after Tucker (who’s now 4). And after Francisco. It just feels like we’re done.”

Yet, the proud mother simply enjoys her home filled with kids, adding that if they didn’t love their “full-house” style of life, they “ wouldn’t have continued to have this many children.”


Source: edition.cnn.com