Meet Bowie, Simply The Coolest Rescue Kitty

The social media are full of photos of cute little kittens, but not all of them have succeeded to become Internet sensations. Yet, a little kitten, named after the spectacular musician David Bowie, was fortunate enough to leave the world enchanted.

The beautiful cat was abandoned in 2018, and a Spanish veterinarian’s office took him in. The playful cat soon found his owner, Maria Lloret, who fell in love with his captivating eyes.

Bowie’s dazzling green and blue eyes quickly made him a celebrity, a subject of wonder and adoration.

They were the reason why it was named after the eccentric artist in the first place, and his adoption was the start of their countless adventures!

This is Bowie when he arrived at his new home

Bowie has a sweet and sassy personality and loves to play around his home. Yet, he is especially adorable in front of the camera!

Their home is in Alicante, Spain, and late 2018, Maria started posting photos of the little two-color eyes beauty, and he quickly gained thousands of fans from all around the world!

Starting from December 2018, when his owner created an Instagram account for this heterochromia cutie, the odd-eyed cat has garnered over 30K followers.

As an advocate for animal adoption, Maria believes that his photos would spread happiness and awareness for the importance of this practice.

His mom even launched a blog dedicated to the adventurous feline, complete with Spanish and English translation.

Take a look at some of the adventures of this cute kitten!