Massage These 6 Spots on Your Feet and It Will Change Your Life

Reflexology is a holistic method which includes application of pressure to specific points and areas of the hands, feet or ears.

It is based on acupuncture, or in particular, on stimulation of certain body parts in order to achieve relaxation, balance and healing. According to reflexologists, foot reflexology can help with some health conditions such stress, hypertension and sleeping disorders.


This natural method, as scientifically proved, offers the following benefits on the human body:

  • It relieves pain caused by kidney stones, diabetes, AIDS, osteoarthritis and chest pain
  • It improves the health condition of people with kidney dialysis
  • It improves blood circulation in the intestines and kidneys
  • It reduces blood pressure, has relaxing effect, relieves tension and nervousness

In order to experience complete relaxation, you should massage the following six spots on your feet:

The Base of the Big Toe

The massage of the base of your big toe will relieve stress and relax your body, since it is linked to the thyroid gland.

The Big Toe

This can help you lose weight, for by massaging your big toe you will manage to control your appetite, and you should combine it with proper diet and regular exercise.

The Foot Center

Massaging of this point will provide you with tension and stress relief. There are many nerves located in the foot center which are connected to the diaphragm. There are also other techniques for diaphragm massage which can relieve stress.

Inner Edges of the Feet

This spot is related to the adrenal gland, so the massage will boost your energy.

The Center of your Large Thumb

In case you have problems with hormonal imbalance, you should stimulate the center of your large thumb, because this point is connected to the primary hormone gland, the pituitary gland.

The Area Close to the Heel

This area is connected to your excretory system which can help you eliminate the toxins and excess fluids from your body. Its massage can even help you with body detoxification.

Massage your feet regularly in order to improve your overall health and achieve long- term results.

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