Margarita Trucks Could Be Rolling into Your Neighborhood Soon and We Need Them

The novel COVID-19 virus is definitely a game-changing one. The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed our lives, and in a strange way, it pointed out the real importance of things in our lives.

Well, many of us realized that a nice cold drink is among the very important ones! Yet, thousands of foodservice establishments across the country have suffered a lot this year, as they were forced to close their doors.

Chef Johnny Hernandez’s restaurant, La Gloria, offers a solution for everyone staying at home, working from home, or simply craving a soft-serve Margarita!

Hernandez came up with a genius idea that allows him to continue pleasing his loyal customers-- he started delivering their food and drinks with a truck!

According to his website:

“He is one of the premier Mexican cuisine chefs in the United States and a recognized authority on Mexican cuisine and culture. He first garnered notoriety as a rising star on the culinary scene in 2010 with the launch of his acclaimed flagship concept, La Gloria. His culinary ventures have since expanded to become Grupo La Gloria, a diverse and growing portfolio of signature restaurants and culinary projects.

Hernandez said:

Our Margarita Trucks are another fun and creative way to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. Today, safety is top of mind for everyone, and many of our customers are simply not ready to dine out; however, we know that doesn’t mean they don’t crave one of our famous margaritas.

Delivering to our customers’ homes does not only make enjoying our signature margaritas safer and more convenient, but this new avenue of serving our customers also helps to rebuild our business, in turn allowing us to hire back more members of our team.

Therefore, residents of San Antonio, Texas, have the privilege to enjoy the delicacies of La Gloria margarita trucks that travel around town!

They can get their favorite taco kits, chips and salsa, Mexican street corn, and margaritas delivered to the doorsteps.

In the beginning, the first truck operated within a three-mile radius of Crockett Park downtown, a neighborhood of San Antonio. Yet, they have added a second truck since, and it services Leon Valley, Alamo Heights, and other neighborhoods.

Orders are placed online. A single 16-ounce drink will start at ten dollars, while a margarita kit that serves six starts at 38 dollars.

Residents can choose between flavors like prickly pear, blue, mango, and the popular La Gloria’s house margarita, but alcohol is delivered only if at least one food item is ordered.

Orders require a minimum $40 purchase and include a $5 delivery charge. Note that all orders must be paid online, as cash and in-person payment are not accepted.

La Gloria also encourages scheduled next-day orders.  All Margarita Truck employees wear masks and gloves while assembling food and drink orders.

So, those who live in the area can check their website and place an order that will brighten up the day spent at home!

Did you like the idea? If you did, and believe it is a perfect way to make a living during the pandemic, we have some tips for you.

To start a food truck business, you’ll need four things: an appealing concept, a good business and financial plan, a good marketing strategy, and a fully-equipped food truck.

Think about whether you will park the truck so that people will know where to find you, or you will drive around the place.

Then, find out more about your competition, and think of ways to be different and stand out.

Next, think of the cuisine you’ll offer and the name of the truck. It should be both, unique, and descriptive. You’ll also need a logo.

Create a good business plan, that will involve business description, market analysis, organization and management, marketing plan, product line funding, and financial projections.

To get the truck operating around town, get your license, registration, and a food service permit. Do research ahead of time to find out all you need to start the business, depending on the area you live in.

When it comes to finances, the rough estimate is that you’ll need anywhere from 40 thousand to 200 thousand dollars. Do some research to find out about financial options available to small business owners in your area.

Buy a food truck, and make sure it is properly insured. Remember to attach the menu to the side of the truck to inform customers of the foods you offer.

In the end, market it online and via traditional marketing strategies.

If you do all things right, you will soon become extremely successful!

We wish you luck!