Margarita Trucks Are Delivering Boozy Delights At The Doorstep Now And People Are Loving It

Margarita trucks are the adult version of the ice cream trucks that bring joy to many young kids in the neighborhood

The joyful melody of ice cream trucks attracts the attention of both children and adults. Everyone could use a delicious and refreshing treat in hot summer days, right? Well, adults will definitely love this version of the “ice cream truck.” Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the margarita truck!

Locals in San Antonio, Texas, got their very own margarita supply. Chef Johnny Hernandez owns La Gloria, a restaurant, and he decided to make people feel better. What’s better than getting a freshly made margarita right around the corner.

“Our Margarita Trucks are another fun and creative way to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape,” the restaurant owner said. “Today, safety is top of mind for everyone, and many of our customers are simply not ready to dine out; however, we know that doesn’t mean they don’t crave one of our famous margaritas.”

People in San Antonio can enjoy La Gloria’s house margarita (served frozen or on the rocks), the Blue Margarita, the Prickly Pear Margarita, and the Mango Margarita. La Gloria’s truck serves drinks in 16-ounce cups, and the price starts at $10. The booze is spiced up with a 50-millimeter add-on of El Jimador tequila.

Hernandez owns another restaurant, The Fruteria, and offers Taco kits, street corn, chips, salsa, and queso. Everything that goes with a fresh margarita.

The margarita trucks don’t drive from one neighborhood to another though.  They function like regular food delivery service. Customers place orders in advance and pay online. The minimum order is set at $40.

“Delivering to our customers’ homes does not only make enjoying our signature margaritas safer and more convenient, but this new avenue of serving our customers also helps to rebuild our business, in turn allowing us to hire back more members of our team,” Hernandez explained.

The food is delivered cold. If customers want it warmed up, Hernandez charges an additional $5 delivery charge.

Log on the website and see what works best for your taste buds.

San Antonio residents are more than excited about the opportunity.

“Edgar and team were amazing!! This was so delicious and margaritas to my door..can you get any better than that!?! I don’t think so!! Delicious!!” Marie Sal wrote on the Facebook page.

“Thank you for offering this service. It was a great treat on a hot summer day,” Lisa Ralston was really thankful for the great experience.

Crystal Gonzales loved the music. “Great experience! Love that they were playing music.”

Twitter users shared similar thoughts.

“Did I just wait 30 mins outside in line for the La Gloria margarita truck in my neighborhood? Yes. I’m dripping sweat but I got my margs,” a user tweeted.

“The La Gloria margarita truck just drove past my house and I feel starstruck,” another added.


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