Man Who Beat Cancer Refuses to Support Cancer Charities

Chris Wark beat stage 3 cancer naturally, without any chemo. The young man explains why he did not “race for the cure” nor support any cancer charities…

In 2003 Chris was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. At that time he was 26, and too young to face such a fatal diagnose. However, his doctor had the perfect plan to cure him, but so did Chris.

He decided to have a surgery, so the doctors removed his tumor. But, then he refused the chemotherapy. He had some plans for his future, and wanted to avoid anything that could interfere with his desire to have a family.

He said “No Chemo!” and decided to clear any cancer remains naturally. He focused on strengthening his immune system with delicious and healing raw plant foods, and of course, natural treatments.

Today, Chris is 35, and he has already done something that most of us would consider impossible.
He beat cancer without any chemotherapy. Watch the video below: