Man Obsessed With Body Modification Gets Tusks Fitted To His Own Teeth

A 41-year-old man has modified his body in many ways- Now, he has two massive tusks fitted to his teeth!

The world is a strange place, as it is the home of us all, and we are all different. What the majority finds as “normal” is not a reliable criterion, because we all have the right to live our lives the way we want to.

One 41-year-old man from the tiny town of Iguatemi on the border between Paraguay and Brazil, Orc, is certainly not a common sight, as he is obsessed with body modifications.

The newest addition to his unique, quirky look is a pair of huge tusks fitted to his own teeth!

Orc has spent much of his life tattooing about 80 percent of his body, and the latest “enhancement” cost him about £400. A tattoo artist himself, he got his first tattoo at the tender age of just 15, and twenty years later, he started modifying his body.

He has many subdermal piercings, a split tongue, and tattooed eyeballs. Orc has no intention to stop, and although many find his looks extremely weir, he claims he’s only being himself.

He explained:

“I am trying to be myself, these are just my ideas, my inspirations coming from the heart. I am not inspired by anyone.”

His bizarre looks bring him a lot of attention, and surprisingly, he adds that most of the comments are positive!

He continued:

“They tell me good things that motivate me to continue. Bad people exist everywhere and are always around… but they don’t shake me.”

Orc is proud of the way he looks but admitted that his decisions haven’t been supported by all of his friends and family. His mother disagrees, his father “tolerates it”, while his friends find it “weird”.

However, he keeps going with a positive attitude and concludes:

“Live, be happy, travel, love. Do whatever you want. Life goes by fast and death is certain.”

Well, let’s be honest, he has a point!