The Man Who Discovered That Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Said This. You Will Never Hear This From Your Doctor

Apricots, plums, and peaches are extremely delicious fruits, and they provide numerous health benefits.

However, it is a less known fact that they contain a natural component which has the ability to prevent and cure cancer- vitamin B17, also known as Laetrile and Amygdalin.


Namely, this ingredient is concentrated in the seed of the fruit, which is usually thrown away. However, this article will reveal valuable information on the anti-carcinogenic properties of these seeds.

Namely, apricot seeds have the potential to be an excellent prophylactic cancer prevention. Edward Griffin wrote about this discovery in his book “World without cancer”, which is over three decades old.

He explains the finding that these seeds may miraculously cure and prevent cancer and indicates that this was kept a secret due to financial interests.

He also states that cancer comes as a result of a disrupted metabolism in the body, as it is actually metabolic in nature. Namely, the imbalance in the metabolism of the body can be caused by an imbalance of the minerals and vitamins, which leads to starvation of the body as it lacks the necessary nutrients to function properly.

Hence, the streamlined mechanism leads to numerous failures. This is not valid only in the case of cancer, but in the case of all diseases.

Regarding the fact that the cancer industry makes over 200 billion dollars per year, it is not surprising that big drug companies and the pharmaceutical industry would do their best to hide these findings from the public.

However, it is a fact that the apricot pits are the riches source of amygdalin (or vitamin B-17), which is of vital importance for the body. This ingredient effectively targets and inhibits cancer cells, and at the same time, it strengthens the immune system in order to prevent re-occurrence of cancer.

Research has found that the Himalayan tribe ‘Hunza’ eat a diet rich in apricots, and none of them has experienced cancer. Moreover, their diet is more than 200 times higher in this amazing ingredient than the Western diet. The most valued food in this tribe is, of course, the apricot seed.

Furthermore,  an experienced biochemist, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs found a new vitamin in 1952, he numbered it B17  and named it ‘Laetrile’.  His research led to amygdalin, whose greatest concentrations are actually found in the apricot seed kernels.

Amagdylin has four substances: two of them are glucose; one is benzaldehyde, and one is cyanide. Yet, the last one should not worry you, as individual constituents of a compound do not contain their specific characteristics when in a compound form.

As soon as B17 enters the body, it gets broken down by the enzyme Rhodanese, as it breaks down Hydrogen Cyanide and Benzaldehyde into two by-products, Thiocyanate, and Benzoic acid.

These are useful as they actually nourish healthy cells, and lead to the metabolic pool production for vitamin B12. The body discards the excess of the by-products through the urine.

Therefore, Vitamin B17 simply passes through the body and remains there no longer than 80 minutes, as it gets broken down by Rhodanese.

On the other hand, when B17 comes into contact with cancer cells, it does not get neutralized or broken down as they lack Rhodanese, and there are only high quantities of the enzyme Beta-Gucosidase.

Moreover, the contact of B17 and Beta-Glucosidase leads to a powerful chemical reaction, which further on causes the synergistic combination of come the Hydrogen Cyanide and Benzaldehyde, which creates poison which effectively kills cancer cells.

This process is called a selective toxicity. Namely, only the affected cells are killed, while the healthy cells do not have Rhodanese, and Cyanide and Benzaldehyde selectively target and inhibit only the cancer cells.

Yet, Dr. Krebs did not have the chance to patent this discovery as laetrile is naturally derived, and not chemically developed by people.

Although people believe that cancer is caused by constant sunlight, smoking, foods that include chemicals, and various other factors, which of course, do contribute to its incidence, yet Dr. Krebs showed that cancer is a simple deficiency of vitamin B17.

Furthermore, even though he provided evidence for these claims, his findings represented a major threat to the cancer industry, and the FDA banned laetrile in 1971.

The book wrote by Edward Griffin also includes tips on how to use apricot pit kernels.  He advises that you take 5 to 7 apricot pit kernels, cracked open, on a daily basis, to prevent cancer, and increase the dosage 2 to 3 times to treat existing cancer.

Note that vitamin B17 is water soluble and non-toxic, but excessive use of the seeds may lead to nausea. Furthermore, it has been proven that cancer cells depend on fermenting sugar instead of oxygen, so make sure you avoid sugar while trying to cure this deadly disease.

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