Man Built A Food Pantry On His Lawn So The Hungry Could Eat. Inspires Town To Do The Same.

The world cannot be changed in a day, but the good part is that we can make it happen by taking small steps.

The army veteran Roman Espinoza, 46, from Watertown, New York, was inspired when he visited the local community college. He was taking Human Services classes and found out that the college had a pantry where food items are stored to feed students in need.

Therefore, he decided to do the same in his community, so he started a pantry similar to the one at his college on his lawn, and named it the “Blessing Box”.

He was aware of the fact that there are numerous poor and homeless people in his neighborhood, and all of them needed help as they were more often hungry than not.

All people who need food are always allowed to take something from the ‘blessing box’, and in most cases, they can find canned food like beans and soup, pasta and some essentials such as sour cream.

Roman says that the blessing box is never locked so that anyone can go to it, whether they are taking or giving.

Yet, he is not the sole benefactor of the “Blessing Box”, but all passers-by and neighbors can donate food items and all kinds of other necessities.

In this way, Espinoza believes they can foster unity in the community, saying that the box itself is for the community and it’s sustained by it.

He says that all people have been supportive, and donate all kinds of things other people might need, like shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpastes, and so on.

The box is open 24/7 so that people who are ashamed to go close the box in daylight can do it in the evening and save their dignity. Yet, it is a fact that receiving a little help is nothing one should be ashamed about.

The only purpose of the box is to provide for the homeless and the needy, and no one expects anything in return.

They just hope to inspire others to sustain Blessing Boxes in other parts of the town. Espinoza says that he has gotten a few requests from people around town for boxes for their property, so if the trend continues, Watertown could become the city of blessing boxes.

Last year, there were 20 of these boxes around Watertown.

Amazing! Let us all follow this example and do something to improve the community and help those in need!