Man Builds $150 Mobile Tiny Home He Can Tow With His Bike

A man has designed a teeny tiny mobile home that can be towed with a bike, and costs only $150!

Small-space living is becoming increasingly popular in recent years, with many people preferring to use their money on other things than square footage and expensive furniture.

Let’s admit it, not everyone is cut out for a tiny home and micro-living, but those of you who are, and love to travel the world instead, would be thrilled to learn that micro-trailers have been added to the market!

Anyone interested in a short vacation can now enjoy the pleasure in these high-quality trailers for no more than USD 3000. They weigh less than a thousand pounds and are compact enough to be towed by smaller vehicles!

However, if this sounds pricey, meet Paul Elkins, a man from Washington, whose creation will impress you!

Two decades ago, this self-taught designer, artist, and former employee of Boeing, attended the Burningman art festival for the first time. The place awakened his creativity and ingenuity, ad after two years, he toured the country and fell in love with micro-camping.

The idea was born, and he started developing his “micro Airstream bike camper”. His creation is light enough to be towed by a bicycle! It is super durable, 6 foot 5 inches long, and weighs only 60 pounds.

Elkins made the walls and floor by using four recycled campaign signs made from coroplast plastic and fastened them together with zip ties. To seal joints and made the trailer waterproof, he used duct tape.

It sits on a wooden frame and two 20” wheels and is complete with all necessary features: stove, sink, drawers and shelves, pop-up windows, bubble insulation, a foam bed, skylight, LED lights, rear reflective lights, and a stereo with an MP3 player.

His “Nomad Bicycle Camper” cost him about USD 150 in total, and all materials can be bought at a local DIY store! His portable shelter has everything he needs inside, including insulation, a small bed, a compact kitchen area, and storage units.


After interviewing Elkins for Tiny House Design website, filmmaker Kirsten Dirksen said:

 “His work is inspiring because he pushes minimalism to the extreme. While his tiny structures are lightweight, weatherproof, and portable they are also functional and include all the essentials. From a tiny house design perspective, his work serves an extreme example that sets the standard for small and outside-the-box thinking”.

However. Mr. Elkins did not stop here, and he has completed other projects from coroplast as well.

For instance, he has designed a speed boat, a dog house, a teepee, a box boat, a homeless emergency shelter, and a micro mobile art studio. All of them are lightweight, weatherproof, and easy to take with you, wherever you go.

If you are interested in his design, you can purchase his tutorials with prices ranging from $5 – $20 and download them in PDF form from his website –

He also has a YouTube channel where you can find many videos about his lifestyle and learn more about tiny house living.