Man Arranges Leaves, Sticks, And Stones To Create Magical Land Artworks

An artist sees art everywhere, and Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy creates it by arranging rocks, leaves, and sticks he finds in nature.

Even though his stone portals, swirling ice cycles, and gradient ponds of leaves are temporary, he leaves a touch of magic to these natural environments.

Most of his art is considered transient and ephemeral, and many perceive it as a criticism on the Earth’s fragility. Yet, he maintains that the meaning behind it is more complex and profound.

Land Artwork is created in nature, using soil, stones, rocks, organic media like branches, leaves, as smartly as other substances.

Goldsworthy uses leaves, sticks, stones and anything else he finds outside, to create stunning art installations that look almost as if they were formed naturally.

Almost every day, Goldsworthy creates art using the materials and conditions he encounters wherever he is, be it the land around his Scottish home, the mountain regions of France or Spain, or the sidewalks of New York City, Glasgow, or Rio de Janeiro.

Out of leaves, soil, rocks, ice, snow, rain, sunlight, and shadow, he creates works that exist shortly before they are changed and erased by natural processes. Yet, he documents them by photographing them.

While his early works were linked to decay and collapse, the newer ones are too beautiful to be described as simply decay.

Their larger meanings are bound up with the forces that they embody: materiality, vitality, memory, temporality, growth, permanence, decay, chance, and labor.

In an interview, Goldsworthy explained that when he makes something in a field or a street, it will remain a part of the history of the place, even if it vanishes.

He is intrigued with the ways in which we leave parts of ourselves behind, whether in our memory or in the things we make. Therefore, everything changes after being touched.

Take a look at some of his most impressive works: