Make Your Own Wine Throne Out Of Wood Pallets For The Ultimate Backyard Lounger

Each and every one of us can agree that we can’t stop thinking about the warm weather and all of the things we can do then! Spring and summer are undoubtedly our favorite seasons.

Many people use the good weather to spend some more time outside, and improve their gardens or balconies, by doing some redecorations.

Today, pallets are popular, and you can be creative and use them as you wish. The furniture you can build will look unique, since you can make it according to the measures you need. The designs you can think of are endless! You can make a barbecue buddy, a substantial sofa, a garden bar, a planter and so on.

Here we offer you a great DIY idea – an incredible yard lounger, called a wine throne. Enjoy these Adirondack chairs.

The chairs are made out of wood pallets, and they can hold a lot of wine bottles and glasses, so you don’t have to get up and get more. Pretty fun, isn’t it?

Another great part is that these chairs have slots, in which you can put your wine glasses, so you don’t need a table near you, too.

You can also add some more shelves; it’s really up to you to create them however you want. All it takes is a little patience and some hard work. It’s really worth it!


  • Buy the pallets
  • Get the proper tools: screws, screwdriver, wood cutter, drill, hammer, sanding sheets and nails
  • Cut the pallets
  • Put them all together, so that they fit

Sip away your problems, while feeling like a king/queen 🙂