Make Your Own Natural Tick Deterrent

Bugs are everywhere. Simple as that. Tiny insects start crawling around when the weather gets warm. As if that isn’t enough, they even bite us!

Insect repellents are a must-have in spring and summer. Unfortunately, these come packed with dangerous chemicals that do more harm than good. Bug sprays cause skin irritations, respiratory issues, coughing, upset stomach and other side effects.

Now is the time to make your own bug spray. You need a few simple ingredients, and they are commonly added to homemade all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, tile scrubs and other combinations.

Beware of the ticks! You read that right. In this article we will also give you a few advices on how to make your own tick repellent. Stop using products filled with DEET. Try the following product instead of using toxins on your skin.

Homemade tick repellent


  • 1 part tea tree oil
  • 2 parts water

That’s all. Add the ingredients to a spray bottle and shake well. Use it on your shoes, socks and pant cuffs. Ticks will stay away from you for sure.

Caution: Do not use tea tree oil if you have pets. Instead of this oil, use peppermint, myrrh, cedarwood, marjoram, chamomile, lavender, or clary sage.

Homemade all-purpose bug spray


  • 10 drops lavender
  • 1-15 oz. bottle witch hazel
  • 10-12 drops citronella
  • 10-12 drops eucalyptus
  • 10-12 drops lemongrass

Split the witch hazel between two small bottles. Keep one of them in your bag, and leave the other at home. Add the oils, and shake well. Shake the content before every use.

This repellent smells great, and you can use it everywhere around the home. Mosquitoes hate it!

Be careful, if you have pets, you may want to change the ingredients.

You will love this repellent, and we believe that your friends and family will love it, too. Avoid using chemical-packed products, and keep bugs away by using natural ingredients. Essential oils do wonders.

If your home and garden are invaded by mosquitoes, plant some lavender, marigolds or peppermint. They will leave your home immediately!