Make Your Bones 20 Years Younger With the Help of This Recipe With Only 3 Ingredients

We bet that this is one of your grandmother’s most favorite home remedies. What is best about it is that only three ingredients can help you make your bones 20 years younger.


It is great for those who feel heaviness in feet, pain in ankles and back, or suffer from old injuries. You do not need any expensive medicine, creams and magnets.

These ingredients are available in every pharmacy. Iodine is known as a strong germicide. It is effective in the treatment of bacteria, viruses, fungus, protozoans or spores.

Here is the recipe:

  • 10 oz / 300ml alcohol (70%)
  • 3.3 oz 100ml iodine
  • 10 aspirin pills (use pills of 300mg)


Combine alcohol and iodine and stir in crushed aspirin pills. Let the remedy rest in a dark and cold place for 21 days.
Use it as a compress or massage it directly on the area where you feel pain.