Make Sure You Have at Least One of These Plants in Your Home To Protect You From Radiation, Chemicals And Cigarette Smoke

Plants are a natural way to save your health and the health of your family from the dangerous influence of toxins, chemicals in cleaning products, paints, harmful odors, smoke, and radiation emitted from TVs.

Experts advise that you have at least one plant on every 75 square feet of space in your house, in order to cleanse the air inside.

However, the best plants you can grow at home in order to filtrate the air and help you avoid all these dangerous influences are cactus, dragon tree, fern, and fig. They will effectively clean the air and preserve your health.

Dragon Tree

You can easily nourish and maintain this ornamental plant in your home, as it is resistant to temperature differences. Moreover, it simply loves light, but you should not expose it to direct sunlight, however.


Water it on a daily basis, or use a spray bottle and spray it. It is one of the best air- purifiers, as it lowers the concentration of formaldehyde, which evaporates from the harmful ingredients from paints, solvents, cleaning agents, deodorants and sprays.


His plant also reduces the formaldehyde concentration, which often Fern reduces the concentration of formaldehyde, which often evaporates from the curtains, detergents, fabric, furniture, paint or glue. Fern should not be directly exposed to sunlight, and it requires a lot of moisture.



Fern is the best neutralizer of cigarette smoke, so it is perfect for the homes of smokers. Moreover, it also reduces the concentration of dangerous chemicals found in the products in the home, such as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.