Make A Bee Waterer And Help Hydrate Our Pollinators

Bees work really hard every single day. And it is something you can not even imagine. Bees usually tend to at least 2,000 flowers each day, and their tiny wings beat 10,000 times per minute. As they carry pollen, bees dramatically assist our food supply.

Sounds exhausting, right? Well, you felt exhausted by reading this, and imagine how bees actually feel. They get thirsty, and safe water sources are more than necessary. What worries us most is the fact that water is not always available.


The water source needs to be shallow enough so the bees can drink easily. But, the water evaporates easily. Birdbaths have also some disadvantages, as bees tend to drown.

Natural water sources, like rivers and lakes, are dangerous for the bees, because there are lot of fish, frogs, and other animals that would gladly go for a bee. Water currents are a reason more why bees risk their lives anytime they come close to a river or a lake.

We suggest that you help our little friends by making this bee waterer. All you need is a pie pan, marbles and some water. Fill the pan with the marbles, then add some water.

The marbles will be a nice landing spot for the bees, and they will not drown. Make the world a better place and start by saving our little pollinators, because regardless of the fact they are tiny, bees play an important role in the nature!