The Mainstream Media Does Not Want You To Hear This 2 Minute Message From Woody Harrelson!

We harmed our country to an almost irreversible level, and things seem to go to the wrong direction. But, most of you’d rather go with the flow instead of doing something to “fix” the problem.

You are the change our country needs!

We make, buy, and sell toxic beauty products, household cleaners, and food. Yes, because toxins are cheaper than organic produce, plus, manufacturers use their “secret formula” to make their product look attractive. This is the point you should start with.

Seek for cleaner and safer products, and manufacturers won’t have other choice but to improve their “secret formula.” Buy from local and trusted sources.

Buy organic food, and it will be more available for everyone. This will also support your local and national economy.

Let’s break the toxic cycle, and start things all over again. We’re the ones to decide what’s best for the nature, and we can protect it. Our future is in our hands.

Check Woody Harrelson’s message: