Maid Of Honor Wears T-Rex Costume After Being Told She Could Wear ‘Anything’

Very often, one can regret his words after being taken literally, and after reading this, we bet you will become more careful with them! Namely, after being told she could wear “ anything”, a Nebraska maid of honor showed up to her sister’s wedding dressed as a dinosaur!

Christina Meador, alongside a Facebook photo of her wearing a T-Rex costume, wrote that she regrets nothing. After being posted, the photo quickly went viral and garnered over 35,000 shares on social media.

When asked about the costume, Deanna said that it was “hot and hard to see.”

Yet, the bride, Deanna Adams, took her sister’s outfit in stride and explained that she is an awesome person, and she was serious when she told her she could wear whatever she wanted.

Deanna, 40, a legal administrative specialist in Omaha, Nebraska, said her wedding was supposed to be “low-key”, and didn’t want to make a big deal of it. She wasn’t picky, she just wanted to wear a dress, have some cake, and get some nice photos.

She explained that her sister texted her a year ago, saying, ‘I found my dress!’ followed by a link to the costume on Amazon. Deanna thought it was hilarious and told her she had to do it.

Afterward, it all became a kind of a game of chicken, but she believes Christina didn’t expect her to be cool with it.

Deanna kept her sister guessing during the months that led up to the wedding by suggesting other alternatives, like a Dr. Who costume, but she stuck with the dinosaur idea the whole time and eventually walked down the aisle of her sister’s wedding in the huge costume.

She added that they often joke, but she knows they are always there for each other.

Plus, they definitely make thousands of people laugh! Awesome!