Loyal Golden Retriever Spends Two Weeks Walking 62 Miles To Find Her Owners

After being left to be looked after by a friend, one dog in China walked 62 miles in 14 days to reunite with her family!

One thing comes to our mind whenever we think of a dog- loyalty. Canines are our best friends for a reason- their unconditional love, devotion, and loyalty is something we seek and appreciate all our lives.

The tireless quest of one family dog in China to find her owners melted millions of hearts! After the family left their pet with a friend to be looked after temporarily, Ping An, the one-year-old golden retriever, walked more than 62 miles in 14 days just to get back home!

The entire adventure left her injured, thin, and with bleeding paws. Limping, the faithful dog was spotted by a group of workers. They rescued him and tracked down her owners.

  • A loyal family dog in China was left to be looked after by a friend until the home was being renovated.

  • The one-year-old golden retriever decided to walk more than 62 miles to get back home, and she was spotted 14 days later, injured, and with bleeding paws.

Back in June, the family was occupied with renovating their home in eastern China’s Qidong city, so they asked a friend to take care of their dog, so she wouldn’t be upset by the persistent construction.

They drove more than two hours to leave Ping An at the friend’s house in Nantong, which is more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) away. About four months later, the family learned that their pet had escaped their friend’s house.

What they didn’t know was that their beloved dog struggled to find them.

  • The family renovated the home in eastern China’s Qidong city, so they asked their friend to look after their beloved pet

After 14 days and 62 miles, the dog was eventually seen by a group of workers outside an office in Qidong city on Oct. 26. When she was found, her paws were bleeding, and she was thin and injured.

The rescuers said that she also ‘looked ‘quite depressed after she was unable to find her owners.’ In the pictures they took of the dog, Ping An can be seen undernourished, sad, with her head down, lying on the road.

The workers took care of the dog and tried to track down her owners by sharing information locally on WeChat, a popular Chinese messenger app.

  • The workers who found the dog tried to track down her owners by sharing information locally on WeChat, a popular Chinese messenger app

The post has been seen by the family in only a day! They recognized her and immediately went to pick her up from the site! A video shows them reuniting after 4 long months, and the happy owners stroking and hugging the golden retriever.

They said:

‘Ping An, you’ve worked hard. You just stay home from now on. [We] would never send you away.’

Touched by her loyalty, the family promised to keep her by their side for the rest of her life.


A similar thing happened in China, when another dog, Dou Dou, walked 37 miles in 26 days to find its owners. Dogs are simply the best!

Source: nypost.com