Lower Cholesterol & Triglycerides Naturally With This Simple Drink Made of Just 2 Ingredients

This light drink is especially recommended to people who have increased cholesterol level and triglycerides. Before you start applying any treatment, try to solve or at least ease your problem by introducing certain changes to your diet.

If you struggle with increased cholesterol levels, we suggest that you try this light drink made from some simple and easily available ingredients. To make this drink you need six lemons and four celery stalks.


Lab studies have shown that Butyl phthalate, a chemical compound found in celery, can decrease LDL, or bad cholesterol. According to researchers at the University in Chicago, by eating two celery stalks a day you can decrease cholesterol levels for up to seven times.

Celery also stimulates the secretion of bile acid which eliminates cholesterol from the body. Lemons are the most popular fruit out there. This citrus fruit protects against a wide range of diseases, which is the reason why people consider it as a super-food.

Always buy lemons that have not been chemically treated, and if you cannot find such lemons, make sure you clean them thoroughly.


  • Cut the lemons in chunks, and remember, use whole lemons, as the rind is rich in beneficial nutrients.
  • Peel and shred the celery. Add it to the lemon chunks and pour in a liter of water.
  • Leave the mixture for 24 hours, and strain using a gauze.
  • Keep the liquid in your fridge and drink about 50 ml before every meal.