Little Girl With Alopecia Rocks School’s ‘Crazy Hair Day’

Being able to accept reality even if it is cruel requires great strength and courage, and it is surely much more difficult when we are younger.

Yet, the 7-year old little hero Gianessa Wride from Salem, Utah, did it on Crazy Hair Day at school.

This amazing girl suffers from alopecia, an incurable medical condition that makes the hair fall in round patches and causes the immune system to attack the body’s hair follicles.

One day, as she was brushing her hair, her mother Daniella, a nurse, noticed her hair falling out, and soon, her daughter was completely bald. Daniella believes the condition was caused by immense stress from her grandmother’s death.

She was worried that kids at school would start bullying  Gianessa, and she would become insecure and wouldn’t fit. Fortunately, the little girl adjusted well and wore various hats and scarves instead of itchy wigs.

Yet, the two were very nervous for the Crazy Hair Day competition during Spirit Week, understandably, but this girl then thought of an incredible way to join all the activities.

Daniella bought stick-on sequins that she placed on Gianessa’s head in swirling jewel patterns: an owl with sparkling eyes, an explosion of flowers, and a butterfly, so her scalp was transformed into a beautiful piece of art. And the sparkling jewels starstruck all her classmates, so she has eventually crowned the winner on the day.

Daniella explained that kids told her that she looked absolutely awesome as soon as she opened the car door in the car drop-off lane, and when she came back from school, Gianessa told her mother that everyone loved her crazy hair.

Gianessa told PEOPLE that she was initially sad when she lost all her hair, but now, she learned to love being bald, as she can do things to her head that other kids can’t.

She has always loved anything “sparkly, shiny or glittery” and hopes to become a fashion designer one day.

This was not the only time Gianessa’s learned to embrace her new appearance, and her mother shared photos of Gianessa in an elaborate headpiece for a photoshoot with her father.

Daniella believes that in this way, she will know that she is beautiful no matter what she looks like.

And we all agree!