Little Dog Carrying A Giant Stick Makes Everyone Who Sees Him Smile

Attitude is crucial for success.  It is one of the most important factors in helping you get through the highs and lows of life.  A right attitude will take you far in life!

If you ever meet Bosco from London, you’ll be convinced of this. This amazing little dog walks slowly while carrying a large stick, so stay away!


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Best ears in show business… Mahm said. 💚

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People around town know this “king of the sticks” well, and whenever his owner takes him on a walk, he chooses the biggest branches and carries them proudly around.

His owner Ana-Luccia Iannucci Rodriguez, 22, explains that he started with this practice when he was 7-months old, and they are not sure why he does it, apart “from the obvious fact that it gives him a lot of joy and pride. ‘

She adds:

“We always repeat the message that we never have or will force him to carry sticks – it’s simply his favorite thing to do. It’s obvious to us that he loves the challenge of carrying things, it’s as if it gives him a purpose. He will happily try and try to pick up a stick at our expense waiting for him. He also specifically likes big sticks, if they are too easy he loses interest and will drop them. 

He also loves getting reactions from people, whether it’s claps, people smiling and talking to him or people getting their phones out to film or take pictures of him.

He will turn his head and give them a glance. He is an attention seeker at home and in public and a big part of why he does it at all is for a reaction, perhaps not at the beginning but definitely now.”

The tiny dachshund who is less than 30 centimeters keeps winning hearts all around the globe, with his hobby to grab a huge stick between his teeth and parade it in front of the audience!

They are usually so big that people nearby have no other option but to step out of the way!

Anna Luccia adds:

“People are amazed that such a little dog is so strong and ambitious. He is such a character that people can’t help but warm to him.

Over time we have built a loving audience who leave lots of comments and send me messages of support.

Some write they were having a rough day but seeing Bosco, his joy and funny antics makes them feel better. If I happen to not post for a day or two, I always have someone asking where his videos are. People also send us pictures or tag Bosco in their stories of their dogs carrying sticks, so it’s like he’s started a little trend there, that pretty cool to see.”

You can follow the adventures of this adorable puppy too. Find his account on Instagram, @boscoandhisbigstick, and you can watch him carrying a scooter, an umbrella, a tire, and even a dummy!

In the video, watch Bosco enjoying a walk,  looking like a true monarch!


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I’ve trained my subjects well, see how they clear the path for me!! Next week I want a fanfare and petals. 👑 #allhailthekingofthesticks

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