Life Is Not Easy For People With Overthinking Minds And Sensitive Hearts

Rest is crucial for both, our body and mind. Yet, while we remember to get the much-needed sleep to help our body to function normally, some people find it hard to do the same with their mind.

Can you imagine what would happen to our bodies if we never rest?

Overthinkers face numerous challenges every single day, as they spend their time going through all the details of a situation, reevaluating their decisions over and over again.

This is undoubtedly a constant struggle, especially if the person has a pure soul and a sensitive heart.

These people are often not easy to love, due to their unique way of functioning and busy, chaotic minds. Yet, they are extremely honest, and have a fragile heart and high emotional intelligence.

Here are several things you should know about these people:

  • Their priority in life is to be loved. They crave for connection and validation, but they play it safe and need to be constantly reassured that they are loved.
  • They take everything personally, and they are full of self-doubts. They tend to look at the negative side of life and are preoccupated with other people’s opinions.
  • They can easily get hurt, as they believe too much in people, and do not expect their tricks or cleverness
  • They are carefully thinking before they make a decision, and when they do, they are not satisfied with it. They can even go through it all once more, as they are used to living with regrets.
  • They usually give up before starting, as the multiple possible scenarios they think of end up scaring them of failure. Due to this, they often miss great opportunities in life
  • As their mind is in a constant mess, these people often suffer from insomnia
  • They fail to enjoy the present moment, and either worry for the mistakes they’ve done, or worry about the future
  • Some people find it challenging to tolerate them, as overthinkers are constantly dealing with the chaos in their mind
  • They look for hidden meanings in every word or action