Life Finds A Way: Pictures After The Australian Bushfires

Nature always recovers, and sometimes, we just need to leave it to heal itself. The bushfires in Australia kept damaging its territory for months, but Nature has found a way to recover once more.

Even though many experts suspect the bush will ever return to its previous state, residents notice animals returning to the area, and green shoots sprouting.

Michael Doherty, a plant ecologist, says:

“Notwithstanding climate change, we’re still seeing the ecosystems recover as we might expect they would. Whether they’ll continue to recover, is more uncertain.”

Many Australian plants have evolved to protect their buds from fire, so they can sprout soon after being burnt at the surface, and even use the nutrients in ash.

However, even though this cycle is normal for Australia’s vegetation and it can bounce back from fires, the survivors face numerous challenges.

Nevertheless, the following pictures of fresh, green plants emerging from the charred trees and pastures, and burned earth, brought hope to many: