Lemon Price Dropped Down Drastically in Europe – Here is The Shocking Reason For That

Lemons are the most widely spread citrus fruit. They are really healthy and rich in nutrients. What is more interesting about them is the price. Today, you can buy lemons for half of the price they had couple of months ago.

But, do you have any idea why their price went down that drastically? The Croatian portal Supermarketi.info. has the answer to your question.


Their research showed that these cheap lemons come from Turkey, and even the warning on their declaration says “Do not use the peel! Treated with imazalil!”

The warning, as usual, is written in small letters, so very few consumers can actually read it, and most of them do not even notice it.

We have a scientific explanation for all of you who know nothing about imazalil (Enilconazole). It is a fungicide that is commonly used in agriculture, particularly in the cultivation of citrus fruits. It does not stick on the peel only, but also goes deeper in the whole fruit. It is a extremely toxic materia that can irritate your skin and eyes.

Imazalil is stable at high temperatures. In adults it primarily affects the reproductive system and it is proven to be carcinogen.

In small children imazalil causes problems with the central nervous system! The studies have revealed that 5.2mg per kilogram is the average amount, meaning that a single lemon is enough to exceed the daily dose, explains the Croatian portal.

Now that you know the truth, please share this information with your friends and warn them about these toxic lemons!