Lady’s Mantle – Perfect Cure For Female Diseases

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Lady’s mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) is extraordinarily healing herb reaching height from 10 to 40 cm and it grows in mountains from April to August. Lady’s mantle has long, semicircular leaves with serrated edges.

Its flowers are small, yellow-green without any petals. For medical purposes people usually collect the leaves and flowers of the herb, because its root has no healing properties.

The leaves are collected in spring, but it is best to collect lady’s mantle leaves while it is flowering. It contains 6-12% tannin, flavonoides, essential oil, vitamin C, bitter substances, phytosterols, salicylic acid, resin, lecithin and saponin.

Lady’s mantle also contains iron, copper, manganese, zinc, molybrenum, nickel and boron. This herb is considered as one of the best cures for all female diseases.

Frauenmantel - Alchemilla

Medicinal Use Of Lady’s Mantle

Lady’s mantle helps in treating menstrual cycle disorders, ovarian cyst, polycyst, white discharge, inflammation, bacteria, candidiasis, stomach pain, HPV, it strengthens uterine walls, helps in cases of uterine prolapse, it has a major role in facilitating delivery, protects against abortion, helps in treating infertility in women (helps in thickening uterine lining), relieves difficulties in menopause.

Japanese researches discovered that agrimonin in Lady’s mantle prevents breast cancer.

In addition to this, lady’s mantle is efficient in treating stomach and intestine lining inflammation, ulcer, diarrhea, oral cavity and pharynx inflammation, wounds after tooth removal, rheumatic diseases, anemia, diabetes, obesity, skin eczema and infected wounds (pus).

Lady’s mantle is most often used as tea, rarely as a tincture, cream or extract.


Lady’s Mantle Tea Recipe

Add 2 tablespoons of green lady’s mantle in 200 ml boiling water. Filter tea after 5-10 minutes. Drink this tea slowly in small sips, three cups a day -- always right after you make it. In cases of amenorrhea lady’s mantle has to be more concentrated (filter it after more than 15 minutes).

Women who had abortion or run a risk of miscarriage should drink 4-6 cups of tea daily. As we already mentioned, lady’s mantle helps in cases of white discharge, and we recommend you prepare this tea: add 50 g dried rootless lady’s mantle in 1l water and drink this tea warm during the whole day.

You can also drink it in combination of other herbs (chamomile, marigold, sage, yarrow).

The combination with Capsella bursa-pastoris is a cure against all female diseases. When treating cramps and muscle pain, weak muscles or anemia, doctors recommend drinking 2 cups of lady’s mantle daily.

Attention: Lady’s mantle tea is not recommended for women and nursing mothers (because of the lack of available scientific evidence), and also it is not recommended for patients with gallbladder or liver problems. Consult your doctor before using lady’s mantle tea.