Did You Know That This Plant From Your Garden Can Treat Hair Loss?

You may not even be aware that in your garden, you have the most miraculous plant that is the key to curing hair loss, a problem that many people nowadays are facing.

Otherwise known as Rosa maris or “sea rose” according to the Greeks and romans, this medical herb has been used as a remedy for centuries back. In our culture, this herb is known as rosemary.

The rosemary is great for regulating the high blood pressure and for repairing digestive problems. This remedy is also used for numerous other diseases, such as heart problems, and was especially used in wines by Hungarian Queen Isabella in the 14th century.

The Queen was 72 years old and was dealing with gout. When she started using the rosemary as a medicine, she discovered immediate results and her skin became so much younger that even the Prince of Poland considered marrying her.

According to research the magnificent rosemary is an amazing antioxidant, full of flavonoids which improve the circulation, regulate the thyroid’s work and alleviates headaches. The rosemary has been particularly useful in cosmetics for encouraging hair growth.

If you are suffering from stomach issues or crams, the rosemary will fix them immediately. Studies confirm that this herb positively affects the weight loss process as well, by burning fat effectively.

One study, published in 1995 discovered that rosemary can destroy body toxins and act as a genuine diuretic.

Furthermore, rosemary is able to prevent all sorts of inflammation, from bronchitis to ear, nose and throat infections. If you use rosemary externally and combine it with oil, it will relieve symptoms of sciatica, rheumatic pain and muscle soreness.

Since it stimulates the circulation so well, the rosemary accentuates the hair growth and prevents dandruff and hair loss. The rosemary is not for oral use nor should it be given to children. Also, pregnant women are advised to consult their doctor before using it. Usually, small amounts in meals and while cooking are allowed.

You can always prepare tea from the rosemary leaves and flowers which will calm the organism and help it relax.

Moreover, rosemary can annihilate symptoms of depression and reduce menstrual cramps significantly.

To use the rosemary to its best, here are two recipes that will help you:

  1. Take a teaspoon of fresh or dried rosemary and cover it with one cup of boiling water. Leave liquid to steep for 15 minutes and then strain with gauze.

Take two cups per day, in the mornings and in the afternoon. Night dosage is not recommended since it can disturb the sleep.

  1. Rosemary tincture: Mix ½ cup medicinal alcohol with 1 tablespoon of rosemary leaves. Allow mixture to soak for 10 days, and then strain with gauze.

Take 15 to 20 drops mixed in a glass of water every day. You can also use it externally to treat rheumatism and hair loss. Just massage affected areas and wait for results.

Source: www.finelivingadvice.com