When Her Knee Ached With Pain, She Used A Natural Oil To Relieve It. This Amazing Trick Can Help Everyone!

Castor oil is an extremely beneficial vegetable oil that is commonly found in lubricants, soaps, and cosmetic products, but it also has a wide range of uses for improving the overall health.

Its powerful properties have been used by a woman who used this remarkable natural oil to treat her painful knees. This oil has a fantastic potential to treat pain, especially in the case of arthritis.

A 43 year old woman from Colorado has used this oil to relieve her knee pain. She folded a piece of wool(flannel) into thirds and soaked it in the oil.

Then, she applied it on her knees, wrapped it with a plastic wrap to secure it, and left it to act during the night. She also used a hot water bottle to heat it. She repeated this treatment and she experienced a significant relief in only several days!

Castor oil has numerous other beneficial properties which can be used in the treatments of various other conditions. These are some of the most important:

Relieves Sore Muscles

The same pack can be used to treat painful muscles. You should soak a piece of cloth in some castor oil, and apply it on the sore muscles, leaving it to act for 45c minutes. To optimize the effects, use a heating pad or a bottle of hot water.

Treats insomnia

You should run a bit of castor oil over the eyelids before bedtime to relax the eyes, and improve sleep while avoiding trouble sleeping.

Treat Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are both, painful, and unattractive. Castor oil effectively moisturizes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Just apply it on the heels before going to sleep, and put on socks. The softness of your heels in the morning will surprise you!

Treats Dark Eye Circles

Due to its thick consistency, this oil is excellent as an eye cream. It efficiently treats dark circles, so just apply it under the eyes, and it will immediately provide a rejuvenated look!

Refreshes the Skin

Castor oil reduces age posts and pigmentation quickly, and it is probably the best hydrating skin cream you have ever used! Just add a bit to coconut or jojoba oil, and massage your skin every night.

Treats constipation

Castor oil is probably the best constipation remedy, as only a teaspoon of it in the morning before your breakfast will immediately solve the issue.

Beautiful Nails

You should rub this oil on the nails and cuticles, and leave it on during the night. This will treat brittle nails, and make your nails healthy and shiny!

Thicker and Longer Hair

Castor oil is amazing for the hair, as it contains ricinoleic acid which helps replenish the natural oils on the scalp, as well as antioxidants which strengthen the hair.

Mix a tablespoon of olive or jojoba oil with 3 tablespoons of castor oil, and massage it into the hair for 5 minutes. You should not rinse it.

Split Ends

Castor oil makes rough cuticles smooth and repairs the split ends. Just apply it on the hair ends once or twice a week, and the effects will be amazing!

Longer Eyelashes

Apply castor oil on the lashes with a mascara brush every night, and it will stimulate the growth of your lashes, and they will become thicker and longer very soon!

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