Kitty Makes Strange Noises Over Baby Monitor – Mom Checks Baby’s Bedroom And Leaps For The Phone

From the very moment they met, a couple from Kansas City, Roy and Bernita Rogers, dreamed of having a large family together.  However, life turns out to be much different than our plans, so the couple experienced through three premature births. Even though this was devastating, they did not lose hope.

To fill the emptiness, Bernita decided to get herself a stray cat. The pretty black cat became an important member of the family. It was named Midnight, and after the family adopted her, Bernita got pregnant again.

Luckily, the mother gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl, and this made the family the happiest one on Earth.  Midnight and the baby became best friends, and the cat was extremely protective of her human sister.

In order not to miss a single moment of the life of their daughter, they installed monitors in her room.  One day, the baby wasn’t feeling fine, but when her parents brought her to the doctor’s, he said that she only caught a cold.

When they came home, her parents placed the baby in her room again. After a while, they heard strange noises from the baby monitor, and it was Midnight, whose meowing resembled crying.

This worried the couple: “It was this screech-wail-scream-cry. It was frightening enough that I jumped out of the chair and ran upstairs.“ They ran into the room of the baby and saw her struggling to gasp for air. As her skin started turning blue, they acted fast, and rushed to the ER.

They were soon told that their daughter suffered a full respiratory failure. The baby received medical assistance and started recovering.

Afterward, the parents said:

“For whatever reason, we were given a second chance by the help of a cat to enjoy this child and watch her grow.”

The life of the baby girl was saved thanks to the help provided by the cat, who felt something was terribly wrong, and did her best to alert the parents.

Very often, our pets are our best companions, and protectors of our children. Even though we can often be unaware of it, it is a fact that our pets are always desperately trying to keep us happy and safe.

The bond created between an owner and a pet is really strong, just like between the members of a family. Dogs are often the protagonists in such stories, but our furry feline friends are here to help us too, and they can also do some miraculous things for their owners.