Kind Neighbors Restored And Painted The House Of A Lonely Retired Teacher For Free

To make the world a better place, we need to know the importance of joining forces and lending a helping hand.

If you have been fortunate to experience the power of collaborating, you know that working together can help to overcome challenges, explore new ways and find solutions to our common problems.

By working in unison, those on different sides of the equation can benefit from each other’s strengths. Life often brings about some pretty unexpected problems, and Anne Glancey, a retired school teacher from New Jersey, solved one with the help of her neighbors. 

The old lady had no one to turn to but her neighbors, Kristin and Adam Polhemus, when the city authorities threatened to fine her for necessary repairs to her house and other code violations. 

The city authorities of Hamilton Township had sent a list that demanded repainting of the house, getting rid of a derelict car lying in her front yard, and trimming the lawn. 

Anne didn’t have the financial means to do so, and she was quite upset, as she could face three violations with fines that could add up to $3,000 per day.  When she showed the letter to Adam and Kristin, they decided to help her. 

Adam explained:

“Until my wife and I moved in, no neighbors had a conversation with her. She had no relations with anyone in the neighborhood.”

Kristin posted it on Facebook inviting neighbors in Hamilton to spare a few hours over the weekend for the tasks at Anna’s house.

The post read:

“Hamilton area friends! Are you free for a few hours this weekend? We need you!

Adam Polhemus and I could use your help for some exterior scraping/painting at the home of our elderly neighbor, Anne. As you know, she received a hefty fine from the township for having peeling paint on the exterior of her home, and she’s on a deadline to scrape and repaint her home to avoid the fine.

She’s limited in funds and the physical ability to do the work, and we’d love nothing more than to show her we care.”

She also wrote the timings and the tools and a ladder people should bring with them. The task required at least 20 volunteers. Kristin requested a reply to the invitation to know whether they planned to attend. Moreover, she had even made arrangements for lunch and dinner for all the volunteers.

In a short time, almost 25 people chipped in, and Anne, Kristen, and Adam were delighted.

For the next several weekends, kind neighbors volunteered and donated supplies to complete the job before the deadline.

They first scraped the paint off the exterior, repainted it, repaired the broken siding, spruced up the yard, repaired the porch, and gave away the old car to the Purple Heart Foundation.

It is estimated that the entire work would have cost Anne between $10,000 and $15,000.

She is more than grateful for the support and generosity of her neighbors.

The little deeds of kindness have transformed her home, but have also made her more outgoing too. The initiative by Kirsten and Adam and the help of all those warm-hearted neighbors have made a huge change in her life.

As Kisten wrote:

“A little love goes a long way, and just a little scraping, primer, and light carpentry have done a world of difference not only for this historic home but for a neighbor’s heart.”

Our lifestyles have become too hectic, so we get the impression that we lack time to devote to others. This is, fortunately, untrue. What we lack is determination and initiative.

It does not take much to make a difference. Sometimes, even a little help can virtually transform someone’s life, as many people crave for someone who will have their back, love them, and support them.