Kids Who Leave Foster Care Thrive – Are Given Tiny Homes And Taught To Cook And Budget

If you think that your life is hard, can you imagine how life is for those teenagers who age out of the foster care system?

Numerous foster kids deal with challenging times once they leave foster care. Suddenly, they don’t have any support, and they are left on themselves.

According to the latest results, more than 20 percent of the children that leave the foster system are immediately homeless. Only 50 percent of the children there have a job by 24.

But, of course, some foster children have the potential to become successful in life and to have a happy life. Their road to success isn’t paved, so they are doing the more complex work.

Pivot is the nonprofit charity that will change it!
Carter is only one of the children that received Pivot’s help to succeed in life. He is a 19-year-old boy who saw his father getting imprisoned after his mother died.

Those events were his company and his lifetime trauma during his foster home journey.
When he turned 18, Carter left the foster home and became homeless. Resulting from this event, he ended up in a homeless shelter.

Pivot helped him by giving him the right therapy, clothes, and a small home.

Pivot is a charity organization from Oklahoma. Thanks to the money of numerous local and national businesses, they could build tiny homes behind their offices.

Besides the clothes, therapy, and housing, Pivot provides them vital life skills so that the children could be less dependent and employable.

In Carter’s case, they effectively taught them how to cook, budget, and grocery shop.

Tiny homes that Pivot built for the homeless children aim to ease the financial responsibility.
They should pay a rent of $0 in the first month. Later the tenants will pay $100 per month for the next two months. For the following two months, they have to pay $125, and the rent keeps increasing by $25 every two months.

In 2019, the first three homes were opened, and homeless children from the foster system came to live there.
Moreover, this project is still in the beginning. Until today, only 84 tiny houses exist, but they will build more.

Oklahoma News 4 recorded the beginning of the project. They shared the video on the YouTube channel, which went viral. Dormer foster kids saw the report and supported Pivot, saying that it will change children’s lives.

Maybe this is the beginning of a massive charity project that can help millions of foster children to become prosperous in life rather than homeless.

One thing is for sure. It is us who can help these children to improve their life. The foster children should mean a homeless future.