Keanu Reeves Goes Public With A ‘Girlfriend’ For First Time in 35 Years

I have always been wondering why we are so genuinely interested in the lives of celebrities.  Does it make us feel better? ‘Cause I am pretty sure such news makes us feel worse. 

However, let’s face it, we are all guilty of showing interest in the lives of these people. Celebrity culture has become a part of everyday society and functions as a form of entertainment. And the lights of Hollywood seem to shine the brightest.

When we talk about Hollywood, its glamour, luxury, stars, and affairs, we can rarely think of someone as nice as Keanu Reeves.

This incredibly handsome, kind, sincere, and generous man seems to be different from the entire Hollywood culture. His life has always been turbulent, but the fact that he remained a calm, caring, and soft-hearted human being throughout all storms, inspires many of his fans.

Reeves has kept his personal life private during his long career, even though he was associated with Amanda De Cadenet, Sandra Bullock and Claire Forlani. He also dated Jill Schoelen, and he was with Jennifer Syme for a long time, but she died tragically in a car accident in 2001.  

Yet, he has never showed up on the red carpet with a woman, and now, decades afterward, he has gone public with new girlfriend Alexandra Grant.

The couple showed up at the LACMA Art + Film Gala Presented By Gucci in Los Angeles, showing their affair is not a secret.

Alexandra is an artist who lives in Los Angeles. She sources the imagery in painting, sculpture, drawing, and video from language and exchanges with writers.

They collaborated on the books Ode To Happiness and Shadows, Alexandra worked on the visual art for the volumes -- the first released in 2011, and the next five years later – and Keanu wrote poetry.  

They also have a publishing house X Artists’ Books. It had been rumored they have gotten serious for weeks when paparazzi captured them leaving a sushi bar on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in mid-October.

As they strolled, Alexandra was seen resting her head on Keanu’s shoulder.

He looked proud to be with his new love at the event, holding her hand while walking past the press and photographers.

Reeves wore a black suit, black shirt and black tie with workman boots, while Alexandra was elegant in a navy blue sleeveless dress with heels and bangle bracelets. 

The public knows that Keany has suffered through numerous tragedies over the years, and his personal life has always been tied to loss and grief. Therefore, his fans are just thrilled to see him happy and in love with an “age-appropriate” woman.

It just confirms his reputation as a gentle soul, unlike many other Hollywood stars. This super-respectful, sweet, kind, and humble man can now stop masking his loneliness with a smile.

Apparently, the “sad and lonely Keanu” era came to an end!