Jimmy And Rosalynn Carter Celebrate 74 Yrs Of Marriage, The Longest Married Presidential Couple

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter symbolize love and respect, and many young couples would love to be as happy as the former POTUS and FLOTUS

Jimmy, 95, and Rosalynn, 92, Carter have just broken their own record for the longest-married presidential couple. These two have been married for 74 years and it looks like they really like breaking their own record. Former President George and Barbara Bush held the record for quite some time. They were married for 73 years and 111 days when Barbara died in 2018.

If you ask former President Carter about the secret of his long life, he’d mention his marriage with his lady. Love and respect can do wonders.

“It’s hard to live until you’re 95 years old,” Carter said in his interview for PEOPLE. “I think the best explanation for that is to marry the best spouse: someone who will take care of you and engage and do things to challenge you and keep you alive and interested in life. One of the things Jesus taught was: If you have any talents, try to utilize them for the benefit of others. That’s what Rose and I have both tried to do.”

This is not the only record Carter holds at the moment. He also happens to be the oldest living US president who has outlived his family members by decades.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter got married on July 7, 1946. In 1945, Rosalynn gave birth to their first son, Jack. The couple also had Chip, Jeff, and Amy. They had Amy 14 years after Rosalynn gave birth to Jeff. Today, Jimmy and Rosalynn have eight grandsons, three granddaughters, and two great-grandsons.

Amy grew up in the White House, and her mom was an influential figure there.

“If Rosalynn okays you, you’re in,” a source familiar with the presidential couple told PEOPLE in 1976. “If she doesn’t, you’re dead.”

In her interview with What Makes a Marriage Last, Rosalynn revealed some of the things she has done for her husband and his presidential race.  “Jimmy has always thought I could do anything. Always. And so I’ve done everything,” she said. “I campaigned all over the country. I’ve done things I never dreamed I could do.”

The former President and his lady love spending time together and they do a lot of fun activities. They like tennis, downhill skiing, and bird-watching. It’s really nice when you live with someone who shares similar interests with you.

In the past few decades, Jimmy and Rosalynn were building Habitat for Humanity homes in Nashville, Tennessee. They took part in the production of over 4,000 homes in the past 36 years.

“We knew that we had undertaken a very enjoyable hobby on the side. We stayed busy doing other things but we devoted 36 years to Habitat,” Carter said.

This incredible accomplishment has brought him a Nobel Peace Prize. In 2019, Jimmy and Rosalynn helped build 21 homes in Nashville.

Believe it or not, the former POTUS and FLOTUS really appreciate their “quiet time.” They like to celebrate birthdays and other “quiet moments” alone without any guests and without too many calls and emails.

“Now when we have a quiet moment, like a birthday or something,” the former President said, “we like to stay at home, just by ourselves, and enjoy a quiet day in our own house without any visitors and with minimum phone calls and emails coming in.”

The former President is a vocal advocate for social justice as noted on the official Habitat website.

“Habitat has successfully removed the stigma of charity by substituting it with a sense of partnership,” says Jimmy. “The people who will live in the homes work side by side with the volunteers, so they feel very much that they are on an equal level.”

Jimmy and Rosalynn lead the Carter Work Project.  The website reads, “We have become small players in an exciting global effort to alleviate the curse of homelessness. With our many new friends, we have worked to raise funds, to publicize the good work of Habitat, to recruit other volunteers, to visit overseas projects, and even build a few houses. Every year since 1984, former US president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jimmy Carter has donated one week of his time – and his building skills – to Habitat.”

The former President has dedicated his life to the cause, and he does his best to make the project work. He is working despite the nasty fall he had last fall. Jimmy ended up with fourteen stitches, a black eye, and a really big bandage. This didn’t stop him from doing his volunteer work. That’s what makes former US President Jimmy Carter such a great person.

Rosalynn will always be Jimmy’s Number One person. When reporters asked him to name the most important thing he has ever done in his life, Jimmy said it was marrying his wife. Their love is stronger than ever. Remember when he and Rosalynn were caught on the “Kiss Cam” at the Atlanta Hawks game?

Source: www.washingtonpost.com