Japanese Company Creates Sea Creature Teabags That “Come Alive” Inside Your Cup

It is never a bad time to enjoy a cup of tea. Yet, it doesn’t have to be summer for you to think of the sea, and you do not have to be at school to learn some marine biology!

Here is how to turn your tea-drinking time into a sea adventure! People online can now order teabags that become alive marine animals in the pot of water!

Japanese tea bag maker Ocean-Teabag designed these little parcels of aroma and they are available at an online Japanese oddity shop and a bookstore, Village Vanguard, and cost 1,820 yen, which is around $16.

When added to the cup, the tea bags look like all kinds of sea animals, such as isopods, penguins, whales, octopus, jellyfish, are swimming in the tea.

The company started around 3 years ago, and their first creation was a dolphin tea bag filled with blue mallow tea leaves, whose steeping made your teapot look like a dark blue ocean.

As tea lovers adored the idea, Ocean-Teabag expanded their repertoire and even created tea bags that feature land animals like cats, dogs, frogs, raccoons, and panda bears.

The online shop already has 50 unique teabags, and Ocean Teabags might expand to include both moving and glowing tea bags. The tea inside each tea bag differs depending on the animal you get.

You can now choose from numerous different sea creatures, including:

the sea turtle (butterfly pea jasmine tea)…

the distinctive ocean sunfish (Japanese hojicha — roasted green tea)…

the graceful manta ray (tropical mango tea)…

and even a blood-thirsty shark (blended herb tea).

They now even added a teabag filled with jasmine tea and a smidgen of sea cucumber powder, shaped like an innocuous sea cucumber.

Adventurous sea drinkers would be delighted to try their deep-sea series as well:

The anglerfish (earl grey tea)…

the creepy giant isopod (Eastern Beauty oolong tea)…

the horseshoe crab (white apricot tea)…

…and the enormous giant oarfish. 

Tasty and huge Assam tea 

Do you like the idea of soothing your senses by drinking your favorite tea and almost hearing the ocean waves in the mind?