Jamaican Hostel Will Give You a Free Joint In Exchange For Collecting One Bucket of Trash

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Jamaica? Reggae music? Bob Marley? Ganja? Rum? Rastafarianism? White sandy beaches, maybe?

I believe every single tourist dreams of visiting this amazing small island. Well, I have a reason more to encourage you to save money and finally go there!

A German hostel, Germaican, located in Port Antonio, Jamaica, offers residents a free, fat joint, for every single trash bucket they collect from the beach!

This is a good marketing trick for a worthy cause, ladies and gentlemen!  A post posted by the hostel quickly went viral, as it announced that the place will give away free joints in exchange for garbage buckets.

The idea was suggested by the hostel owner, Marian Erbach, a 33-year-old German native, who currently lives in Jamaica, after he was devastated by the garbage, especially plastic waste, around the island.


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Erbach explained:

“This beach is on the east coast. The water flow brings a lot of garbage to the beach, mostly plastics, all different kinds from all over the world.

I was just totally upset with all the garbage around us, so the last months I did a lot of research about trash, especially about plastic trash,” said Erbach. “I often saw some pics where people offered free coffee for a bucket of trash.”

He added that his girlfriend joked, saying that, in Jamaica, they should offer free spirits.

The hostel owner then rolled 56 grams of weed into 56 joints, which is the maximum marijuana amount that one can carry in Jamaica, and very soon, his plan achieved his goal.

He placed a sign on the beach, and in half an hour, the first beach cleaner to pick up the trash bucket.

Marian added:

“One of the funniest things about all that, the two buckets I bought were more expensive than all the joints. The buckets are at the bar next to my sign, so take up a bucket, walk the beach, fill it, bring it to the bar and get a spliff.

These are presents. All the garbage which is collected will be taken by the local garbage collection; they take it to the landfills.”

Marijuana lovers loved the idea, and out of a sudden, the nearby beaches were much cleaner!


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