It’s True: Being Near Water Really Does Make Us Happier

Have you ever noticed that standing next to a river or lake makes you calm and gives you peace? There’s something about water, and it definitely makes me less stressed.

In 2010, scientists conducted experiments to test people’s attitude around water.  Are people willing to pay extra money to get a room with a view? Of course they do.

The results were published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, and found that both natural and man-mad scenes with water provide positive experience and higher perceived restorativeness when compared to those without water.

You may find it hard to believe, but artificial environments were rated as positively as natural vegetation.

Researchers observed people’s attitude towards photos of landscapes with water. They asked questions about their beauty and the willingness to pay extra money for a room with a water view.

Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols put a theory called “blue mind.” The marine biologist wrote a book with the same name. In the book, Nichols explains that living near water improves mental health and happiness.

Nichols also noted that water puts us into a “meditative state.” Water has the power to counteract the overstimulation we deal with every day.

Water is the perfect antidote to the “red mind.” It stands for anxious, over-connected and over-stimulated state that’s common in modern life.

Nichols explained that being near, on and under water lowers stress and anxiety, while improving our overall sense of well-being and happiness. It lowers heart and breathing rate, and provides safe and more efficient workout.

Water is commonly used in therapeutic environments, including treatments of PTSD or couples therapy.

Aquatic therapists trust water in their effort to treat and relieve PTSD, addiction, anxiety disorders, autism and other conditions. Standing near water improves creativity and communication. It’s really important in every aspect of life. All you need is safe, clean and healthy water.

If you think of going to the nearest water park full of screams, shouts, chlorine, and germs, please, change your mind. Nichols is trying to help people, and encourage them to spend more time near water.

Sit by the water, and relax your body and mind. Do this after a bad day. I promise, you will feel much better. You don’t have to pay a fortune to spend a few days in a luxury spa. Just go to the local beach, and don’t forget to turn off your phone.