Is This Lemon Cleanse Really The Best Detox on The Planet?

Stanley Burroughs is the creator of the Lemon Detox diet. His idea was to use the diet and treat patients with stomach ulcers. His book ‘The Master Cleanser’ is based on the very same diet and the author has also involved his experience in curing a patient who has struggled with chronic stomach ulcers for three years.

Surprisingly, the patient had his ulcer healed in just eleven days. What helped him? He decided to trust the doctor and did the treatment on a daily basis. After his initial success, Dr Burroughs has treated many other patients and they were in a perfect health condition in just 10 days.

Moreover, this Master Cleanse has helped people lose weight. The Master Cleanse is based on the idea that detoxification is the first and most important step in treating a health condition. Science says that poor diet, insufficient physical activity and stress contribute to accumulating toxins in the body.

Master Cleanse is considered to be the initial phase of the entire healing process. Experts explain that healthy dietary habits, exercising and decreased stress can do magic in this process.

Woloshyn adds that vegetarian diet regimen helps in creating a perfect ground for this detox program. In that way the Master Cleanse has a less stressful effect on the body. People who like drinking their coffee and soda on a regular basis should consider decreasing the amount they drink.

Supplementing with vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is also necessary, as it helps in preventing headaches which may occur as a result of a decreased caffeine intake. 

Lemonade is the base of the Lemon Detox diet. It is made of lemons, pure and organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper and purified water. Combine the ingredients following the instructions given by Stanley Burrough. Drink between 6 and 12 glasses of lemonade a day, and do this for at least ten days.

Note: Make sure you take a laxative twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Saltwater flush is an excellent idea when it comes to morning laxatives. You should empty your stomach at least three times a day. This will help you remove excess toxins and waste.

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