Instead Of Graduation Celebration This Texas Senior Did Something Amazing For The Homeless

The act of kindness is something we will always remember. Unfortunately, not everyone is in the mood of doing acts of kindness. A Texas senior decided to change this and threw a pizza party for the homeless.

This kind senior decided to skip his own graduation celebration and helped those in need.

The story was confirmed by several sources. ABC 13 reported that Leanne Carrasco is well aware of the situation in her state and the country in general. This is the main reason she had to organize a party for homeless women and children at the Star of Hope Center in Houston. Her guests attended the brilliant party and got hygiene bags and pizza.

Carrasco prepared 400 personal hygiene bags and 90 pizzas. About 200 residents had a decent meal.

The nursing student plans to continue with her education in Iowa. She wanted to see all those women and children happy. You don’t get to see anything like this that often. Most people are too busy living their life and forget about homeless. Carrasco decided to help others instead of enjoying her time.

Carrasco has already volunteered at Star of Hope Family Development Center, but she wanted to do something really special for her friends.

Does she consider herself a hero? Of course not but, we all know that Carrasco did something amazing, and those 200 people will remember her for the rest of their life. This student had an awesome contribution to the community, and we are grateful for her compassionate heart.

Hopefully, you will use this story as an inspiration for a similar act. Carrasco did something good for her community, and it’s time for you to do the same. This world needs more people like this girl.

Millions of children go to bed without having anything to eat. Take this into consideration the next time you complain of a meal.