Instagram Goes Crazy Over New Makeup Trend – “Dolphin Skin”

The summer has its own magic, and beauty trends tend to emphasize it! This season, judging by the Instagram trends, the make-up trend called “Dolphin Skin” is well on its way to become an absolute hit.

The makeup style creates an effect of smooth, wet, and shiny skin, like the one of dolphins, and bloggers are fascinated by it, claiming it is absolutely perfect for summer, both luxe and sexy at the same time.

The trend was coined by celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips, who explains that the skin has glow, a sheen, a touch of dewiness, and the smoothness of a dolphin.

Although mattifying products were dominant in the past period, they will now be avoided, as everyone wants to achieve a wet-looking glossy skin!

Nick Lujan, global director of artistry for Kevyn Aucoin says:

“Your face should look like you just stepped out of the crystal clear ocean, gleaming and glistening.”

Makeup artist Lisa Caldognetto adds:

“Dolphin skin is hyper-glowing and youthful, super-plump and hydrated, with the makeup applied in sheer layers to keep dimension. It looks effortlessly done but in actual fact, it takes an absolute full-symphony orchestra to achieve.

It’s all about building and enhancing dimension on the skin focusing on the high points such as the brow bones, the cupid’s bow, and most importantly, the cheekbones.”

To get this amazing look, you should make sure your face is properly moisturized, with sun cream on top, and use high-shine liquid highlighters along the cheek bones.

A little blush on the cheeks in a natural shade is a must! For an emphasized effect, apply several layers of glossy products.

So, get creative, and explore all the options with your liquid highlighters, glowing oil primers, sheer blush, glossy shadows, and other glow-inducing products.

You’ll end up looking fresh and glowing, with a touch of luxury! Just imagine, you come out of the blue water, wet, and the sun hits your face and glistens like a diamond!

What can be better than that?


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