Infused Waters That You Must Try

You are looking for something energetic and new? Instead of using vitamin water and carbonated drinks, try using infused waters!

What are the health benefits of infused waters? They help in providing you with energy , hydration and detoxification. You can put as many fruits as you want in the water and let it stay for 30 minutes. Then ,it is ready for consuming!


1. The combination of green tea, lime and mint is good for headaches, improving digestion and congestion. It is also used as breath freshener.

2. Strawberry and kiwi improve cardiovascular health, regulate blood sugar and have a certain role in immune digestion and system protection.

3. The mix of cucumber, lime, lemon and water is good for weight regulation, hydration, appetite control, bloating and digestion.

4. Lemon , lime and orange have a role in immune protection, digestion etc. Consume this drink at room temperature.

Here are  8 Amazing Infused Water Recipes That You Must Try!

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