Indigenous Tribe Emerges From Centuries Of Isolation To Warn Humanity About Its Impact On The Planet

The Elder Brothers have descended from their mountains to warn their Younger Brothers about climate changes and the consequences they bring

The Arhuaco tribe lived in isolation, surrounded by their neighbors from the Wiwa and Kogi tribes. In the 16th century, the tribe had to confront Spanish conquistadors. Fortunately, the Spanish invasion plan didn’t work and members of the tribe were able to survive and protect their culture within the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

The place is covered by glacial peaks and wetlands. In 1979, the UN declared it as a Biosphere Reserve of Man and Humanity. A report by the Science journal describes it as an irreplaceable site of the ecosystem.

According to Cultural Survival, the tribes have about 90,000 members, known as the Elder Brothers.

The Elder Brothers nourish a spiritual connection with the world and the cosmos. A mamo priesthood regulates these cultures. Their cosmovision gives them enlightenment. The wise men in these tribes are chosen by divination and take part in a long spiritual process. It’s pretty similar to Dalai Lama.

The founder of the Tairona Heritage Trust and a documentary filmmaker explains that the Elder Brothers tend to keep harmony among nature all while acting like spirit midwives. These people are raised to believe that every rock and piece of nature contains the thoughts of their ancestors.

The mamo, Izquierdo, has a hard time understanding how the rest of the world keeps finding ways to damage the planet. Wade Davis, an anthropologist and photographer, discussed this belief recently.

The Elder Brothers have lived in isolation until recently. Members of the tribes have noticed the ways our planet has changed. The snowcaps are melting and the savanna has dried up. Some of the most beautiful butterflies and amphibians have disappeared.

Climate changes affect every part of the world, including the natural habitat of the Elder Brothers.

The Arhuaco tribe had no other solution but to communicate with the rest of the world. Their main goal is to warn the Younger Brothers. That’s us. The tribe established the Organización Indígena Gonawindua Tayrona to deliver a message of conservation. Introducing changes from the government level is a priority.

Members of the Kogi tribe invited filmmaker Ereira to make the movie “From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers’ Warning.”

It gained almost no success. People didn’t take the message. They didn’t even try to understand it. Well, tribe members have called Ereira again to film a sequel titled Aluna.

Our planet is in danger, and we need to stop hurting it.

Izquierdo and other leaders try to improve the interaction between Arhuaco and the rest of the world. The leader supports the economic environment and Ethno tourism. Tribe members have been cultivating and selling quality organic coffee in the past 15 years. This trade is one of the ways to improve the connection between tribes and modern communities.

Climate changes have forced tribes to go up to cooler parts of the mountain. Izquierdo wants the world to get to know more about his culture. He encourages people to learn how to cultivate consciously. The leader doesn’t support the use of pesticides and chemical-packed fertilizers.

Arhuaco got involved in a money-based economy. Members of the tribe try to earn enough money to return the ancestral lands that the Younger brothers have taken away from them. That’s how they plan to give back to our planet.