Incredible Moment A Determined Little Koala Is Spotted Swimming Across A River

Footage of an adorable koala swimming across a river won the hearts of many.

Nature always finds a way to amuse us, and often, a short trip to the nearest forest can turn into an unforgettable adventure. This happened once again recently, on October 6, when a childhood educator took the children she was looking after on an excursion in the forest in north Victoria.

The group noticed this famous Australian marsupial taking a swim in the bush.

She said that it had been a one-of-a-kind moment, and explained:

“We noticed a koala having a drink of water, then it began splashing in the water and setting off to swim across the other side of the river bank. We were unsure if koalas swam, but what a great experience that you don’t see every day.”

  • A group of children on an excursion saw a brave koala swimming across a bushland river in Cobram, in north Victoria, on October 6.

In the video, the cute koala can be seen wading off a pile of rocks and then jumping into the water and swimming forward in the river.

The woman documenting it all says:

“You can see him swimming.”

The children were very surprised, shouting with admiration.

In another video, the koala manages to cross the river and almost reach the bushland on the opposite shore.

The woman said:

“Look at that guys!”


  • Before the swim, the koala drank from the river