In Just A Few Minutes, You Can Eliminate The Pain In Any Part Of The Body

Regardless of how active you are or what kind of lifestyle you lead, you may suffer from different types of pains, in different parts of the body. Fortunately, there is a miraculous way to effectively eliminate all pains and get relief, without putting too much effort.
This article offers you a list of the various types of pains in different parts of the body, and the unique method in which you can finally get rid of them.
These methods are performed in a several steps that can help you get rid numerous types of body pains. However, you should make sure to do all the movements at a gradual pace to avoid any kind of injury.
1. Neck pain
In cases of a neck pain, you should sit straight in a chair and bend your head towards one side so that the ear touches the shoulder. Maintain this position for 30 seconds, and then move the head slowly to initial position. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.
2. Chest Muscles
You should bring your hands behind the head in a way that the elbows create wings. Then, move the arms downwards so that the shoulders move closer to each other, and hold in that position for 30 seconds. After that, slowly return to the initial position.
3. Shoulder
If you suffer from pains in the shoulders, move them close to the ears and take a deep breath.Hold the breath for 2-3 seconds, exhale, and bring down the shoulders. Repeat the procedure a dozen times.
4. Upper Back
In order to eliminate upper back pains, you should move your arms in opposite directions in a way where you are hugging yourself. Keep the hands on the shoulders, take a deep breath and hold for 30 seconds. Then, slowly exhale.
5. Lower Back
For lower back pains, sit straight in a chair and bring one knee to the chest. Slowly move it towards the body and keep it so for 30 seconds. Then, start releasing the leg at a gradual pace. The procedure is repeated with the second leg as well.
6. Hand Joints
In this case, you should make a fist with both the hands and position them in the front. Now, make circular movements with the joints. The method is repeated a dozen times in all directions.
7. Hips
To relieve hip pain, you should sit straight at the edge of a chair with a straight back. Next, start rotating the chest slightly in left or right direction. Stretch out the opposite leg to the rear.
When you rotate in right direction, stretch the left leg. Keep the other leg at right angle and bring the chest to normal position, in order to lay stress on the hip. You should maintain this position for 30 seconds. Afterwards, slowly move to the initial position, and then do the same procedure with the other side.
8. Buttocks Muscles
Sit straight in a chair, and keep the right angle on the left knee. Now bend forward, so you can feel the tension built in the buttocks muscles. Maintain that position for 30 seconds. Afterwards, stand at a gradual pace, and do the same with the other leg.
9. Knee Pain
Knee pain can be eliminated in the following way: sit straight in a chair, and in a single move, stand at a gradual pace. Then, sit down at a slow pace. Repeat a dozen times.
10. Feet
If you experience foot pains, do this exercise: position a foot against the other, and place it at the back of the sole and heel. Contract the fingers and maintain the position for 30 seconds. At a slow pace, unbend the fingers and repeat this with the other leg afterwards.
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