I’m a ‘Mean Mom’

Parenting is a tough challenge, but it’s also the most noble role in life. We grew up in a completely different world, and today’s kids are raised through other methods.

Were your parents strict? You were probably obliged to do the chores and do the homework on your own. Our parents did nothing to support our creativity, and they actually did us a big favor.

There are no definite “rules” when it comes to raising a child, but parents have to remember that they are raising adults. Being a mean parent doesn’t mean that you should hit your kid. Being a mean parent means making your kid follow rules or do the homework on their own.

Liz Nielman explained it perfectly.

She says her kids are punished when they don’t follow the rules, and her kids do chores even when they are tired. Unlike most parents, Liz says no a lot, and her kids to go bed really early and even do hard things. The kids go to piano, baseball and soccer events even when they don’t like to do that.

The kids don’t eat tons of chocolate and candies, and read books regularly. They study for their tests and wear bike helmets. All the time. The kids don’t drink soda and don’t watch rated R movies. Moreover, they don’t get whatever they want.

Liz was never into being a popular parent. She makes decisions her kids sometimes don’t like, but she loves them with all their heart. Liz promised her kids to protect them and fight for them.

Kids need to do chores and that’s how they learn about responsibilities. Kids need to learn how to clean their rooms and vacuum.

Don’t do chores instead of your kids. You aren’t doing them a favor. If you do this, your kids will grow into lazy adults, and they won’t learn anything about life.

Let your kids fail. That’s how they learn.