If You Want To Be Happy, Keep Your Personal Life As Private As Possible

Being close to your friends and family is important, and those true, honest, and devoted companions in life is precious. However, many of us often forget that the world is not a naïve and ideal place.

Unfortunately, we are all surrounded by negative vibes and not everyone around us has good intentions.

Therefore, be careful when choosing the ones who deserve to know more about your life, secrets, goals, and failures. You’ll never benefit when too many people know your business.

Don’t treat everyone like you owe them something.

Oversharing has numerous drawbacks. You’ll prompt gossip, and end up worrying what people think about you, you’ll endanger your safety, and you’ll unnecessarily amplify the drama.

Being focused on positivity in life is vital, but don’t forget to be very cautious when it comes to the people you decide to share your personal life with.

Make sure you keep the following things private:

  • Your relationship issues- Discuss all your problems with your partner only, and never involve other people. You can ask for advice, but don’t share too many details. Keep your intimacy.
  • Your family problems- Things that happen in your family should stay in the house, always. Don’t share these issues with anyone outside your home, as it will do more harm than good.
  • Finances- Keep your financial status a secret, as the more you reveal your income, the more people will put you down or use you.
  • Your weaknesses- Many people will try to use your flaws and turn them against you.
  • Your private life- Always keep some parts of your life to yourself only. Be open to your closest friends, but keep your boundaries.
  • Your good deeds- Be humble, and keep the small acts of kindness for yourself only. Help others, but don’t do it for glory.
  • Your dreams- Only true friends and family will support you to pursue your dreams in life. Others may discourage you, or even put too much pressure on you, that you might end up giving it all up.

Remember, a private life is a happy life. Keep it low key, and retain an element of mystery. It is your power.